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Our Values And Approach To Quality

NHS Lothian has chosen to tackle the long-term challenges of rising demand, rising costs and limited resources in healthcare by making quality the focus of how we run our business.

We believe that clinical quality is driven by the ‘frontline’ clinicians and clinical teams that provide the service.

Our ambition is for clinicians and multidisciplinary teams to manage continuous improvement in quality of care. Our first objective is to reconfigure the organisational Management System to create the optimal conditions for clinician-led continuous quality improvement. We have attempted to identify key guiding principles and objectives, drawing upon past and recent experience, published research and lessons from partners. However our pursuit of perfection is endless so all work is ‘in progress’, subject to continuous consultation, testing and modification by and with key partners.

Our approach to quality is supported by our values. Over 3,000 members of staff across NHS Lothian helped us to develop this set of common values and ways of working to benefit of every one working in the organisation and, most importantly, to the benefit of our patients.

Our Values are:

  • Care and Compassion
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Openness, Honesty and Responsibility.

Visit our quality web pages for more information.


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Employees of NHS Lothian demonstrate Our Values. Around 3,000 colleagues across NHS Lothian have developed this set of common values and ways of working - to the benefit of everyone working in the organisation and, most importantly - to the benefit of our patients.

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