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Corporate Induction

If you are new to NHS Lothian you will be required to complete our corporate induction. Corporate induction is a once-only event at the start of employment, to make sure staff are trained to work safely in their ward or department.  It applies to all staff, regardless of where they work, what days and hours they work, or what their shifts or rotas are.
All managers are responsible for ensuring that their new staff complete the appropriate induction programme.
For successful General applicants corporate induction is delivered through a series of presentations, e-learning modules and practical sessions such as Fire Safety Training and Manual Handling. It is delivered at both the Comely Bank Centre, Crewe Road in Edinburgh and St John's Hospital in Livingston.
The corporate induction runs on a Monday and Tuesday with manual handling taking place on Wednesday (Thursday morning for non clinical staff).

For successful Medical and Dental applicants the Medical Education Directorate will contact you.

Medical Staff Induction is made up of 3 parts:

  • Virtual Induction Passport – on-line mandatory corporate and clinical modules, which will be available to doctors prior to their start date sent directly to them by the Medical Education Directorate at least 2 weeks prior to their start date. 
  • Face to face Fire training and Manual Handling training (if required) within 6 weeks of starting with the organisation.  Date as arranged by Medical Education Directorate and sent at least two weeks prior to their start date.
  • Department induction /orientation will be arranged by their department before their first clinical shift. They should contact their department contact if they have any queries.

For Dental staff corporate induction is delivered by the Dental Administration Managers and Training and Development Manager at Duncan Street Dental Centre.

There are also induction courses for Facilities staff. If you are being appointed to one of these staff groups you will be provided with further details of the venue and timetable within the paperwork you received with your offer.

Professional Induction for Registered Practitioners

This programme has been designed to meet two broad aims:

  • To familiarise the registered practitioner with professional policies and procedures specific to NHS Lothian and clinical practice
  • To provide a basis for lifelong professional learning
Professional induction for registered practitioners takes place on Thursdays and Fridays of each week at St John's Hospital, Livingston. This effectively means that all newly appointed nursing staff are provided with a full week of induction before starting any clinical work.

Clinical Induction for Clinical Healthcare Support Workers

Clinical Healthcare Support Workers include the following roles:

  • Trainee ClinicalSupport Worker (TCSW)
  • Care AssistantNursing Assistant / Auxilliary Nurse (NA)
  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Nursery Nurse
The induction is a mix of practical and classroom sessions, which will give you basic skills and information on:
  • Bed-making
  • Personal Care
  • Holistic Care
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Career Development
This will give an introduction to what may be required as part of a support job role, depending on the area of work. Clinical induction for clinical healthcare support workers takes place on Thursdays and Fridays of each induction week in the Comely Bank Centre, Crewe Road, Edinburgh. This means that all newly appointed clinical healthcare support workers attend a full week of induction before starting any clinical work.

Local induction

On starting your new role, your line manager should support you by providing you with a local induction within your workplace. In general, this induction should be spread over 12 weeks and aligned to your specific role and area of work.
The local induction should cover local procedures, facilities, key contacts, probationary period, risks and risk management.
Local induction should be designed to help you adjust to your new working environment and support you in becoming a confident member of your team.

Fraudulent job offers

NHS Lothian has been alerted to an internet-based fraud operating that aims to trick job seekers into thinking they have been offered a job with us. Applicants are asked to pay fees for visas and other employment checks in return for the offer of employment. NHS Lothian has notified Counter Fraud Services and the Scottish Consulates of those applicants affected by this crime.
NHS Lothian advertises all medical vacancies on the NHS Scotland Medical Recruitment website.  All other NHS Lothian vacancies are advertised on the NHS Scotland website.
We do not use a third party contractor to manage any recruitment. If you have been contacted by a third party contractor, we recommend that you:

  • Do not respond to any request for money
  • Do not provide your passport or any other personal information
  • Report the matter to your local police.


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