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Staff Bank
The Staff Bank's purpose is "to co-ordinate and develop supplementary staffing to support patient care services".
The Staff Bank supplies supplementary staffing to all areas of NHS Lothian.
We currently supply registered nurses, midwives, non-registered care assistants, ancillary staff, admin and clerical staff, medical locums and allied health professionals.
The Staff Bank recruits, coordinates staff, processes payment and supports learning and development, through its recruitment, payroll and admin teams. These functions are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.
Our bookings team is available Monday to Sunday from 8am to 8pm.
Please check the NHS Scotland recruitment website for an updated list of current staff vacancies. Application forms can be downloaded from the SHOW website or telephone the Staff Bank Recruitment Office on 0131 536 2020.
Contact the Staff Bank:
NHS Lothian Staff Bank
Comely Bank Centre
13 Crewe Road South
Recruitment Telephone number: 0131 536 1616, option 1.
Terms of joining – e.g. regular shifts being worked – if not, removed from the system
Information on how to ask for and be offered shifts – link to
Reference to specific Staff Bank T&Cs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bank work?

Single or grouped shifts are available for clinical and non-clinical staff across NHS Lothian. Availability of work is not guaranteed, nor are staff obliged to accept any work offered.

How do I apply join the Bank?

We advertise our positions on the NHS Scotland recruitment website.

Why do I need to join the Bank?

Most supplementary staffing in NHS Lothian is coordinated through the Staff Bank. 

Who can join the Bank?

Anyone can apply. However applicants must be able to evidence eligibility to work in the UK, and comply with all NHS Lothian’s recruitment checks.

Can I join the Bank if I have another post in NHS Lothian?

Yes, many staff undertake additional work through NHS Lothian Staff Bank. However, your Bank contract will remain separate from any other one which you hold.

Do I need additional Occupational Health Service (OHS) clearance if I already have a post within NHS Lothian?

Yes, this may be required. 

I worked through the Bank a while ago. Am I still registered to work?

Please check your details on line, or contact your relevant staff group.

How long does the application process take?

This will depend on obtaining full and correct information from you. We aim to turn around applications within four weeks from obtaining a fully completed application pack.

When can I start work through the Bank?

We will write to tell you when your application is complete and that you can accept work..


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